Day Pass (business hours only, M-F to 5pm) 15
Monthly Membership 65
Yearly Membership 600


Meeting Room

Members (first 6 hours per month) Free
Members (after free hours expire) 50/hr
For profit events 100/hr
Non profit events 15/hr


Office Share

With Membership  
Hourly (office without window) 10
Hourly (office with window) 15
Daily (office without window) 25
Daily (office with window) 30
Without Membership  
Hourly (office without window)  20
Hourly (office with window) 25
Daily (office without window) 45
Daily (office with window) 50


Private Office

Price depends on square footage, furnishings, location and windows 350 to 600/m



Smart Board in Meeting Room (members) 15
Smart Board in Meeting Room (non members) 50
Mailbox (member) 25/m
Mailbox (non members) 45